Educational change or political vendetta: time will tell

Educational conflicts between parties are not rarity anymore. It has become a norm now that present governments attempt to overthrow even the rules of the previous governments. Where ‘political vendetta’ is the term generally used for these things, passing an act covers them under the guise of legality.

Ashok GehlotThe former chief minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, made a demand before the current government of Rajasthan to rethink and reconsider its decision of merging a state university’s staff with another university. He went on to calling it unfortunate as, according to him, the present government had violated a legislative order with this step.

The current government merged Harideo Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication with Rajasthan University. “The decision is not only unfortunate, but arbitrary too,” Gehlot was quoted as saying. He said that this decision was arbitrary and anarchic and reeked of political vendetta, if nothing less. The university in conflict, Harideo Joshi University was established in 2012 by an act by the state assembly. Any sort of amendments in this decision which might change the status of the order too required the legislative approval first. . Gehlot, who was the chief minister at that time, claimed that any change in its status required legislative approval. “It cannot be merged with another university just by virtue of a government order,” he said.

The former chief minister was also seen alleging that ignoring an Act passed by the Assembly and the fact that the matter was pending before the High Court, the government has shut down the institute and moved its staff and students to Rajasthan University. His annoyance could also be seen on his Facebook wall where he used words like ‘arrogance’ and ‘political vendetta’ for the chief minister of the state, Vasundhara Raje. He stated that the objective of the Bhartiya Janta Party was not aimed at evaluating education but to demean the decisions of the Congress party. By undoing a good decision of the congress regime, the BJP is quite clear in their motives.

“It is a rare case in educational history that a full-fledged state Government University has been closed and the staff merged with a department of another university,” he wrote. Mocking the idea of BJP’s skill development, he said the party shows the signs of killing development only. The decisions are against the interest of the students and had the party allowed it to function, it would have taken a different trajectory in the field which was its specialization.

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