Education Is The Best Way to Fight Poverty, says PM Modi in Varanasi

Narendra Modi in Varanasi

Narendra Modi yesterday celebrated his 65th birthday at a war exhibition and today he himself had to fight the battle with time as in 90 minutes he was supposed to meet 40 delegations while on visit to Varanasi. After 9 months today Narendra Modi visited his Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh. Two trips were already cancelled within this year, first in the month of June and then another in the month of July due to heavy downpour.

In a hectic seven hour schedule PM Modi began his visit by attending an event where he distributed pedal and e-rickshaws. While addressing the gathering PM Narendra Modi said that ‘Garibi Hatao’ campaign which was started by the opposition party Congress has sadly remained a mere slogan. During their reign of 5 years they neither brought about any real change in the lives of the poor nor opened bank accounts for them.

He said, “Chunav ke dauran gareebi ki maala japte rehna ek aam baat hai.” After distributing the e-rickshaws to the poor the Prime Minister said the BJP-led central government made the commitment. The commitment was that they will bring about changes in the already laid government schemes so that the poor is benefitted and they have initiated many things on their part.

While emphasizing over poverty he was of the view that we all need to put more and more efforts so as to eradicate the name of poverty from India and that “education is the best way to fight poverty”. Further while addressing he said that the efforts which have already been put might not have bear good fruits as it must have been expected. But the speed of removing the poverty will soon be paced up.

Every parent in the present scenario desires that their child lead a life better then what they had led. For this he said, “I urge all the people present at this gathering no matter whatever are the circumstances make sure that your child received education.” Education is the best and even the least expensive way to fight poverty.” He also said that this urge is not only for the people present at the gathering but for all the citizens of India so as to change the Future of India.

The very first initiative on the part of BJP-led Central Government was ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’. Commenting over the ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ PM was of the view that it had helped many poor people open the Bank Accounts and near about 18000 bank accounts have been opened under this scheme.

Later in the day it is expected that he will inaugurate a clutch of road and power projects inclusive of the Ring Road as it will going to reduce congestion in the city. Banaras Hindu University trauma centre that was supposed to be inaugurated in the month of July was delayed due to postponed visit is also expected to be inaugurated today.

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