Education Department Identifies Over 80 Unreconized Schools in Chandigarh

Unreconized Schools in Chandigarh

The Education Department of Chandigarh seems to have finally woken up from their deep slumber as they have issued orders to many unrecognised schools running in the Union Territory. As per the statement given by the Director public instruction (schools), the unrecognised schools running illegally have been identified and the list of the same has been sent to the senior officials. Thereafter the strict actions would be taken against these schools.

Earlier last week Sehjjot Senior Secondary School, which is one amongst the list of unrecognised schools running illegally came in the limelight after a local resident filed a complaint to the education department against the ‘illegal’ institute stating that the school flouted safety precautions. We may still keep on wondering that whether any firm action will be taken against these schools.

Rupinderjit Singh DPI (schools) while laying emphasis on the fact that there are somewhere around 50 unrecognised schools in Chandigarh said, “The district education officer has compiled all the data and after the senior officials finish going through the detailed list, we will send it to the estate office and the municipal corporation and take action against the schools.” But as per the survey conducted by the recognized newspaper agency, they claim there are near about 85 unrecognised schools in Chandigarh.

As per Right to Education Act “No School can operate without Recognition.”

In case of Sehjjot Senior Secondary School, the complaint clearly stated that neither the school has proper ventilation system nor a fire escape route and also led to overcrowding in the area. What is to be taken into consideration is that many such schools in and around the city have been running illegally since last few years and some for as long as 15-20 years. The teaching faculty in these schools are mostly volunteers, fees charged from the students is minimal and the students taught belong to economically weaker sections of the society. However these schools are not recognized in any of the aspect, be it land ownership or salaries or basic infrastructure norms such as playground, toilet facilities, drinking water facilities, boundary wall etc

If the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 is to be believed then no school can be established if they have not obtained certificate of recommendation. As per the certificate of recommendation no school, other than a school established, owned or controlled by the appropriate government or local authority, can prohibit the laws stated.

Future of thousands of children at stake;

The biggest question of the hour is that the future of thousands of children at stake though they are studying at unrecognised schools. Most of the schools whose name appears in the list are till Classes 5 and 8 with few of them which are running up to Class 12. For instance, Vishwa Public School, Mauli Jagran has been operating since 1996. If the figures are taken into consideration, then it can very well be assumed that thousands of students are presently studying. This thing will leave your eyes wide open, there are few schools like RK Public School, New Little Public School, Mauli Colony, which are running in single rooms with only one teacher.

As if this was not enough sources say the heads of many of the unrecognised schools seriously refuse to provide information regarding the number of students enrolled, the number of staff members, the classes up to which the said school is running?

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