Education Department faces ‘transfer of divisions’ scam

Maharashtra Education Minister Vinod TawdeEducation department transfer of divisions, TD scam involving more than 200 crores has taken everybody by surprise. It must be noted that, the Transferrable Development Rights, TDR scam in the construction, urban development departments and also in municipal corporations was well known to all. The education department has ordered an probe in this education scam which is unique and first-of-its-kind ever.

According to Vinod Tawde, Minister for education, 1024 divisions were illegally transferred from aided schools of Mumbai to non-aided schools in suburban places of Mumbai. The main point to be considered here was there was no transfer of teachers from the aided schools. He also said that the above incident took place between 2009 and 2011. Mr Vinod Tawde said that probe regarding this issue would be conducted by collector Shekhar Channe and a report on this issue would be submitted in another two months.

Mr Tawde also said that, after the divisions got vacant in the aided schools, the divisions were shifted to unaided schools. Aid from the government were given to these unaided schools that included the salaries of the teachers who were appointed newly. He further added that, salaries were given to teachers of both aided and unaided schools by the government but at the cost of money paid by the taxpayers. It was also brought to the light that, the divisions were transferred at the request letter given by the local corporators. The minister refused to reveal the names of the representatives who got elected.

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Mr Tawde spoke about the bribery that existed in the schools regarding the appointment of teachers. He said that the teachers who were appointed by these unaided schools in suburban Mumbai places paid bribes of amount ten to fifteen lakhs for the job. The minister spoke about the involvement of crores of rupees in the scam and said that the persons who were involved in this scam would be dealt severely. He also spoke about the steps that would be taken against the involved persons by CID once after the Committee submits the report.

This education scam took place between 2009 and 2011. It is referred as TD (Transferrable of Divisions) scam similar to TDR (Transferrable Development Rights) in construction, urban development department. Divisions became vacant due to lack of students in aided schools. In sub-urban areas, the divisions were transferred to non-aided schools that are managed by private institutions. Salaries were paid by the government to teachers of both schools. Bribes of 10 to 15 lakhs were per job for the teachers post. 30 crores was given as salaries for the teachers for these 1024 divisions. The amount had risen to 120 crores between 2011 and 2015. The same amount was paid to new teachers in non-aided schools. Amount taken as bribe from these 1024 teachers for jobs in private institutions was estimated to be more than 100 crores.

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