DU Teachers resume evaluation process, but only for final year exams

In an executive meeting of the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA), teachers decided to put an end to the 20-days long protests. The decision taken at the meeting mentioned, “The teachers decided to end the boycott for final year students. However, the boycott for evaluation for first and second-year students will continue.” The teachers have been boycotting evaluation of UG examinations since May 24.

The recent protest by the teachers of Delhi University is going to affect the academic calendar as the teachers have boycotted the evaluation of the answer sheets of students. This is going to cause lots of problems as the next academic session is about to begin in two weeks.

According to officials, “Promotions cannot happen without checking the results of the students. It is a very complicated process and we do not know what will happen. Students can be given conditional promotion but this is also problematic.”

du teachers protest against api criteria

This has been happening for over a month now. Since the University Grants Commissions has made changes in the Academic Performance Indicator, the teachers at the Delhi University have boycotted the evaluation of the answer sheets of students. Academic Performance Indicator is a system which helps in the determination of the promotion levels. According to teachers, because of the changes that have been made in the API, around 5,000 ad-hoc teachers will lose their jobs, as a result of which there will be problems in their promotion and there will also be a reduction in the ratio of pupil-student.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Delhi University had requested the Principals of the colleges to convince teachers. It would be better if the teachers start correcting the answer sheets because it will still take 30 days to correct and declare the results, the V-C argued. A student said, “Till now we were thinking that the result will be declared soon, but now it is becoming a cause of concern. If the teachers have boycotted the evaluation and admissions, it seems like they will also boycott teaching. It is going to be a great loss for us.”

In addition to the boycott of evaluation of answer sheets, the teachers had refused to be a part of the ongoing admission process, but as a section of teachers argued to consider the students’ future prospects, a decision was taken by DUTA to end the protests, only for admission process.

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