DU likely to replace traditional cut off list system with new Single Cut off Per Subject Policy

DU cut off list

Delhi University is most likely going to initiate some major alterations in the cut-off system this year. The cut-off lists in various Delhi University colleges might look a little different from previous years. This year the university is planning to introduce single cut-off scores for individual subjects and courses.

Previous structure of DU cut off lists:

Earlier, the cut-off ranged from numerous minimum scores of the same course, each allocated to a different class of applicants, based on subjects incorporated in their best-four summative or performance in certain subjects in school – may be substituted by single cut-off scores. Till now, each course had cut-offs varying according to one’s stream in +2 and due to supplementary standards, a minimum portion was essential in particular subjects also.

Renewed system:

This fresh structure would make the cut-off and admission modus operandi much simpler. As part of the selection procedure, the additional criteria for qualifying have by now started in North Campus colleges of the university. Till 2014, Hansraj College had questioned series for all of its arts and social science programmes.

Citations from various DU Colleges:

In order to be fully aware of the situation, we can cite an example of Hansraj College, like, they had put a cut-off mark for English as 96-97% and for commerce (Honours), the cut-off was set to 97.25-99.75% as per statistics. Similarly, Hindu College issued four different cut-off scores for B. Com (Honours) as 97.25% (Commerce with at least 97% in Accountancy and 60% in Maths and English), 99.25% (Social Science and Arts) and 96.5% (for Sociology, Language and any two nos. of scholastic subjects).

Now, with the other norm being put to an end to 2.5% points will be tied up as a fine in all cases where the best-4 subjects do not comprise the functional subject or include a subject which is not taught in Delhi University or is considered a professional subject.

With board results in the state being announced within this week and registrations for DU admissions 2015 to be commenced from 28th May, the students have to keep an eye on must knows. Predictably, the results are going to affect DU admission cut off lists for this year.

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From the Principals of DU Colleges’ desk:

Mr. V. K. Kawatra, Principal, Hansraj College clarified that additional eligibility criterion have been used by North Campus colleges as part of the “screening process”. Besides, Mr. Kawatra stated that, “If additional criteria are not allowed – such as a minimum score in Maths for Economics – then we will have to go for a single cut-off straightaway. That may be a problem as there is already a lot of competition and the numbers eligible will now increase. You need to fix some other criteria.”

Even though Colleges have not received official directives from the University, the respective Principals of Hindu College, Hansraj Colege, Gargi College as well as Dayal Singh College have said that they are possibly to issue single cut-offs. As based on the version of Shashi Tyagi, Principal of Gargi College, “Earlier, they’d go to colleges to check what its criteria are. Now, the policy will be uniform”.

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