DU makes changes in the provision for students’ degree completion time

If you are a Delhi University goer and were lenient regarding your study and course completion because of the pleasing ‘Special Chance’ provision, this is some news for you. As per the latest updates, the Executive Council (EC) of Delhi University has decided to scrap off the provision of “Special Chance” for degree completion. The provision was started to lend a helping hand to the students, who left their studies in between for any quoted reason, and now wishes to take it up right away. There were no numbers of years decided to measure the gap in the studies as per the “Special Chance” provision.

However, the Executive Council has agreed to the fact that if the reason for the break in the study is of real importance than a student may avail a “Span Time” to continue with his studies. The Executive Commission, while putting forth the time limit for each course, strictly advised the students to complete their studies in time. The time granted for completing an undergraduate degree is Six years while for a Post Graduate degree it is kept as four years.

In a statement, a member of the council stated that “Students are here to study. Why can’t they complete their degrees on time?”

The Executive Council quoted the criticalness and cumbersome nature of the job of record keeping. The council said that Examination Office was under undue pressure because of the provision of “Special Chance” as they had to maintain records for a longer time than expected.

Earlier, in 2012, the Executive Council of Delhi University scraped the provision after a debate that lasted for a decade. As a result, a group of 32 students approached the Delhi High Court against the decision of the EC scrapping the provision of “Special Chance”.

The Court thus asked the EC, which is also the highest body of the Delhi University to consider the student’s request and grant the permission and hence the provision was resumed in the same year effectively.

It is now to see what outcomes this recent announcement makes. Delhi University is already high in controversy because of many issues; amid such a chaotic environment the break in of this scrapping decision is sure to make some impact.

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