DU Law students again on hunger strike

Delhi University is again in the news. And this time, it is because of the hunger strike by the law students of Delhi University. It has come to the notice that more than 50% of students are failing in the semester exams that they appeared for recently.

The students are concerned because according to them some of the students have been marked absent even though the students claim that they were present. Though the scores of some of the students have been revised, but, still not all the students are happy because of this. The results were declared last month and still, students are facing a problem because of this issue. The students went on a strike last month as well, but later the strike was called off.

DU Law students hunger strike

One of the protesting students said, “ We have been talking to the authorities since last month and exploring the re-evaluation options as well but nothing has materialized forcing us to go back on strike again.”

Campus Law Centre (CLC), Law Centre 1 and Law Centre 2 are three branches of Faculty of Law. All those candidates who score the highest in the entrance examination get admitted in Campus Law Centre. In the result of the semester examination that has been declared, almost 882 students out of 1944 students have failed in at least one subject.

However, this is not happening for the first time. Last year also, the same situation arose when it came to the declaration of the results.
Hunger strikes have been very common in India. In the past, May 2016, Kanhaiya Kumar went on hunger strike at Jawaharlal Nehru University for 16 days. The strike was called off after High Court ordered a conditional stay on punishments by the university.

The latest is hunger strike at unaffiliated Mlada institute. Students were seen blocking the road and the national highways.

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