DU Election Results: ABVP Upholds, NSUI Struggles, CYSS On The Rise, No AISA

The vigour that could be seen in the Delhi Union Students elections this year has not withered yet. The reason being, that this year too, Akhil Bhartiy Vidya Parishad (ABVP), the student wing of the ruling party, BJP, won three out of four seats in the university elections. The prominent posts of President,Vice-President and Joint Secretary has gone to ABVP. The Congress student wing, NSUI, has bagged just one post this year. The struggle of the Congress student wing seems to be in continuation since ABVP has been in power for the past two years. The struggle to power for NSUI on the university campus is also facing hindrance from CYSS who is on the rising to gain the throne.

DU Student Union Elections 2016The hold of NSUI is hardly there given that the Centre is also ruled by BJP. With one seat won this year, it is yet to be seen whether the subsequent elections would give any hope for the congress student wing party. The drive to bring upon reforms in the campus was what brought ABVP into prominence. There were other small parties that too fought along with candidates who contested individually. These three parties were the cynosure in the university campus though. Many media personalities had covered these elections very closely giving details of everyday till the results came out. Students could be seen celebrating the victory on the university road. The statue of Vivekanand was venerated by the winners post elections results. It is important to notice that despite the win, the sudden surge of CYSS (the student wing of AAP party) has taken everyone by surprise.

The Delhi University elections had everyone kept talking till the results came out. Everybody had their bets on ABVP but NSUI’s takeover on one seat has taken everyone by surprise. However, AISA is one such party that failed to create a spark in the Delhi university campus. The magic that it has in Jawahar Lal University (JNU) is no match compared to the rest of the universities. However, this February the incident related to the anti-slogans by some students of Jawaharlal University, apprehensions were there regarding the decrease in the number of votes for he Left party this time. Adding to it came the rape case of a student by an AISA member which was not addressed by any AISA members when questioned.

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