Dropbox furthers into education services; partners with Blackboard

After jumping into the education services by launching Dropbox Education in May 2016, the online file hosting and storage giant has made another advance towards the field of online education. Dropbox partnered up with the education tech company Blackboard Inc. at the annual Educause conference 2016.

The integration will benefit both students and teachers as they can use one of the leading cloud storage platforms alongside Blackboard Learn, leading learning management system (LMS) service by Blackboard Inc. Users will be able to upload documents to Dropbox, share them with others and collaborate in a secure environment directly from Blackboard Learn, without the need to jump to a separate website or app.

If one has a Dropbox account, it’ll be the default document sharing and collaboration tool in Blackboard. Students will be able to work on documents shared in Dropbox together and use it to share files with their course instructors. Professors will also be able to use Dropbox as the default sharing space when organizing materials for a particular class. All the class materials can go into Dropbox, but students accessing the files won’t need to leave the Blackboard Learn experience.

Jason Katcher, Head of Education for Dropbox said, “Dropbox is already the collaboration tool of choice for more than 6,000 universities and institutions across the globe. By enabling existing Dropbox workflows within Blackboard’s LMS, our partnership will make collaboration between the platforms even easier, while providing additional visibility for schools. Dropbox continues to focus on pursuing partnerships and integrations that make it the best place for instructors and students to get work done.”

The integration will save both students’ and instructors’ time, ease the access to the course material and help universities become more connected and collaborative.

Vice President of Partnership Solutions at Blackboard Kathleen Vieira said, “At Blackboard, we’re focused on developing technologies and services to help institutions create the most powerful learning environment for their users. We are excited to partner with Dropbox to deliver a tailored experience which will enable students and instructors to use our strong learning management technologies alongside their collaboration platform of choice.”

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