Dinanath Batra recommends forming Education Commission

Dinanath batra on education commission

Chairman of Shiksha Bachao Andholan and member of new committee, Mr Dinanath Batra’s influence and his personality came to the fore recently. He had suggested for the inclusion of the new education policy and his suggestions on education advising the Government of Haryana were highly influential. Mr Batra, ex head of RSS school education wing, Vidya Bharati, predicted extensive changes to the education system that included the setting up of education commission similar to the Election Commission.

According to Mr Batra, an education commission would play an important role in the education in India just like Election Commission. He added that, the education commission would act as a protector for the education policy and policy would be protected  from the changes in the political rule. Integration of life with academics would be possible by this. He also cited that examples where the young generations were taught to be perfect fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and referred it as family education. MR Batra showed his displeasure and vented out his anger towards sex education. It must be noted that, government of Madhya Pradesh had terminated sex education from the State syllabus based on his advice.

Mr Batra was also of the view that lack of examination till class eight had made the students fearless and hence the students lacked the much needed application. He also suggested the centre to restart the examinations till class eight for the betterment of the students. He also said that the students must be given enough freedom and liberty to select courses and subjects of their choices, from various departments in colleges or university, and must not be restricted to a fixed course of study.

Mr Dinanath Batra also spoke about setting up of Bharatiya Education Service that would administer education commission and also schools and colleges. He also advocated 6% GDP to be set aside for the education by the government. Mr Batra was also of the opinion that, teacher education must be increased to 5 years after class twelve. In the final year of the training, the teachers must be trained at village schools for rural students or at any slum-based schools in case of urban students.

It was to be noted that Mr Batra’s suggestions were part of presentation made by Ms Smriti Irani, HRD Minister at  RSS-BJP meeting. RSS expressed its dis agreement with education commission and said that it was not practical, but assured that Leftist influence would be eradicated. The HRD Ministry has indicated that NEP will be framed by the end of this year.

It must be noted that, Mr Dinanath Batra’s was known for his influence on education in Sangh Parivar and textbooks authored by him were made mandatory in the state of Gujarat. It was also known that Mr Batra gained popularity by shaping the education policies of Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

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