In the wake of demonetisation, CBSE asks schools to go online with fee payments

Falling in the lines with the Centre’s Demonetisation move, the Central Board of Secondary Education is encouraging its affiliated schools to go cashless from January 2017. The schools have been instructed to collect fees with the help of offline/online modes than cash, in a recently issued circular.

The Secretary of CBSE, Joseph Emmanuel, has written a letter to the Principals of all the schools. The letter said, “With a view to reducing cash transactions at school, all CBSE affiliated schools shall introduce fee collection from students only online or through non-cash mode from the next quarter commencing from January 2017 onwards.” Although there was no mention of the word Demonetisation in the letter, but the crux of the letter can be very well understood by the schools.

CBSE has directed the schools to disburse the salary to staff through bank transfers along with the making all the payments through online mode which were largely made in cash till now. For linking school students with the move, the schools have also been asked to motivate senior students to promote the cashless transactions in their neighbourhood. Additionally, the schools could also be seen interacting with the parents during PTMs in coming times to spread awareness about cashless transactions.

The letter also stated, “The benefits of cashless transactions are enormous and the CBSE has introduced e-payment facilities for collection of a fee for examination, affiliation and various activities including payments to its examination functionaries. The board has also been directing its affiliated schools to disburse salary to staff through bank transfers.”

The schools also, on the other hand, seem to have agreed to this decision. It is because a lot of schools have already started taking fees with the help of other modes. Director of Centre Point School, Radhika Rajwade, said, “It’s a fantastic move and we are fully prepared to handle the shift to a non-cash mode of payments. While the option to pay through other means has always been available, many parents prefer to deposit fee in cash. In India, a cash transaction is a way of life so it will take some time for people to change. Thankfully, with CBSE moving in this direction it will make it easier for us to implement it.” Centre Point School has already given parents the facility of paying the fees with the help of direct EMI. With the help of this move, a lot of parents will be spared the heck of standing in a line.

The principal of Jain International School, Anmol Badjate, said, “This decision will greatly increase the ease and clarity of handling finances of schools along with providing a big support to demonetisation move of the government. First, the workload of our accounts department will decrease. Second, now there won’t be any confusion about lost deposit receipts etc as transactions will move through digital routes.”

A lot of decisions have been taken by PMO in the wake of demonetisation. Before this, it was also decided that the salaries’ of the staff will not be paid by cash. This move has given a boost to the dream of Digital India by Modi.

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