Demand to conduct UPSC exam in mother tongue

Ritabrata Banerjee
Ritabrata Banerjee, Rajya Sabha MP.

Earlier this week, Ritabrata Banerjee – a member of Rajya Sabha from CPI-M, raised the concern of conducting UPSC civil services exam in mother tongue. The members of the Rajya Sabha received his appeal with a high round of applaud. He called for upholding of linguistic rights during the Zero Hour of the Rajya Sabha session. He stated that the aptitude test (conducted in English Language) was discriminatory against Hindi and other eight scheduled languages.

However, the main exam has been made non-compulsory but it had affected the students drastically, specially those who failed to get an opportunity last year. He also stated that the government had not made any announcement pertaining to any compensatory attempt for those who were at the receiving end of the linguistic bias.

All the members of the opponent parties supported the demand of Ritabrata Banerjee who were present during the zero hour. Sharad Yadav of JD-U said that “It is a serious issue. The Government should take note of it.” He said so because no assurance was received from the ruling side to look into the matter. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts various exams every year for selection of eligible personnel to various posts.

Here is a fact – English is not our first language. So if you aren’t great at it, this is not a matter of shame. The fact that you have figured out your problem is a great beginning. It is only once you have identified it that you would start working on your problem. All that the CSE exam requires of you is Basic English proficiency. You are given an option to write the exam and appear in the interview in your own mother tongue, thus negating any disadvantage that poor English might have given you.


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