Dell-EMC Merger Gets A New Name ‘Dell Technologies’

dell emc merger
The name ‘Dell Technologies’ was announced by Michael Dell at EMC World Conference

Dell Founder Chairman Michael Dell announced the new name that the merger of Dell with EMC would bear, the new company to be known as ‘Dell Technologies’. Dell was addressing around 10,000 people at Venetian Convention Center in the EMC World Conference where he said the new name has a nice sound to it. Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman and CEO said the merger of two tech giants would bring ‘something great and something truly special’. Joe got standing ovation from EMC and Dell employees when he announced that he was stepping down from the position, he has been the CEO of EMC since 2001.

Dell had announced the USD 67 billion acquisition of EMC last year and the merger ‘Dell Technologies’ will comprise Dell’s whole business, EMC’s core information infrastructure storage division, VMware, Pivotal, Virtusteam and two security businesses; Dell’s Secureworks and EMC’s RSA. The company is still awaiting regulatory approval from authorities and shareholders.

Michael Dell pronounced that Dell is known for its brand quality and the merger with leading global computing storage provider ‘EMC’ would create essential infrastructure for the next industrial revolution, saying that the company is investing heavily in speed, agility and innovation. Dell said, “Our vision is a strategically aligned family of businesses that brings together customers’ entire infrastructure, from hardware to software to services, from the edge to the core to the cloud.” He said this historic merger offers the best of innovation delivered with the highest of quality. “EMC is the most successful company in the world at incubating new technologies and we can now back this up with Dell’s global supply chain,”  Dell added in his address.

Sharing views on Dell’s vision, EMC CEO Tucci said the merger would ‘dwarf the industrial revolution’ in terms of innovation and change for the coming digital revolution. Tucci said, “We have to rediscover the art of writing software. That’s going to take IT to new heights, and you’ll see IT budgets go up significantly.” Tucci mentioned in his speech that with the increase in sales of smart devices across the world, it has become essential to capture and use the data they are fetching. He said, the merger of EMC with Dell is on the lines with the ongoing changes in IT industry.

With the biggest merger in the IT industry, Dell Technologies would be the only company of its kind selling almost everything from tech devices to core data centers and cloud infrastructure. Michael Dell said since customers wish to have a single service provider for their needs, the merger of Dell and EMC would solve a big issue here.

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