Delhi University’s SOL to adopt flip classroom model for short-term courses

Delhi University, this year, had possibly became the first institution in India to complete 4.5 lakh admissions online. As of now, DU’s School of Open Learning (SOL) is planning a makeover with flip classrooms and short skill-based courses as open learning at Delhi University is expected to go digital. What’s more!! The Campus of Open Learning (COL) also plans to equip students from economically weaker sections with tablets to enable them to take to the digital mode of education. Indeed, it’s a great news for a university like DU had to upgrade its education processes and infrastructure with the latest web tools for teaching and learning. That is where; COL’s new focus on flip classrooms would make an impact.

Out of all the new initiatives, COL’s major innovation will be SPOCs, or small, private online courses, that are in line with those at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These so-named Open Badge and Open Medal courses are of short duration and teach crucial skills such as soft, social and professional ethics and competence required by the business and industry.

These Open Badge courses and packs of badges called Open Medal courses are being planned at COL’s professional training centers, where there already are 23 regular mode skills-oriented courses running for the past five years.

Under this system, the students would be first exposed to lessons, not in class but at home with material provided to them for home study before they came for class sessions. The preparations for flipping classes with the creation of online and recorded lectures and e-material are in full swing. From now onwards, study centers, more time will be dedicated to discussions, case studies and project-oriented learning.

These additional courses are intended to help students get the jobs according to their capabilities. How?

Students earn badges once they achieve a certain milestone or develop a particular skill and can then post them on social media or an online portfolio. When somebody — a potential employer perhaps — clicks on the badge, it will link to information on how and when the badge was earned.

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