Delhi University Sports Council Selection Trials ends with complete disorder

Delhi University has conducted the trials for sports council selection where strong confusions have arose that lead to serious disorders. Many candidates panicked, as sufficient information was not available on the official website. Hence, many students as well as the parents need to rush to the colleges collecting the authenticated information without which they would not be able to seek admission under sports quota. Students who are the real sportsperson or are performing excellent in certain extracurricular activities therefore would remain exempted due to lack of data regarding the admission process.

delhi university sports council selection trials
Delhi University Sports Council Selection Trials

Clashing Dates

The students and the parents panicked about the clashing dates, as they were not able to understand exactly when the procedure would start. According to Mrs. Chawla “My son was the basketball captain in his school team and has also played for the State. He is sure to get into whichever college he wants to. The problem is that the top colleges all have clashing dates and we have to make a choice.”

So, it’s seriously a confusion state and everyone is getting worried about their career that would get a new start. Hans Raj College and Shri Ram College of Commerce also having the trials for the badminton game on the same day that gave rise to difficulties for many students. On the other hand, Hans Raj College and St. Stephens College have arranged the cricket trials on the same day. Students who are good on both of these two sports have faced a serious dilemma, as they were not able to participate as they have dreamt for.

Huge Demand

Dr. V.K. Kawatra, principal of Hans Raj College revealed that they received over 2,000 applications where only 40 seats are available. And for the ECA quota also another 2,000 applications got attached against eight original seats. Therefore, in order to accommodate all the students the college started the trials early morning that continued till late during the evening. Apart from this, we can even say about the Ramjas College with over 554 applications for total 23 available seats and Shri Ram College of Commerce gets a set of 442 applications over 20 seats under sports quota. The college does not have the option for admission under ECA quota. St. Stephens College is following their own admission procedure with over 20 seats for the students under sports quota.

So, here lies the reason for the complete form of disorder as there is the flood of applications instead of few seats available under sports and ECA quota.

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