Delhi University : Ph.D students allowed to use Skype for viva

Delhi University which is known as one of the leading government sponsored university in India has launched a new scheme which will allow students pursuing their Ph.D under Delhi University to appear for the viva through Skype. The university has also made it mandatory that all the thesis provided by Ph.D students must pass the ‘plagiarism check’ for which the University will take the services of a special software.

du phd viva through skype
The decision was taken in the Executive Council meeting of Delhi University

As per the earlier guidelines provided by the University, scholars had to appear for viva in person. This procedure was found out to be quite difficult for the students who are staying abroad or in distant parts of the nation. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult for the candidate to travel back to the University for the particular process.
The announcement made by Delhi University has literally left many eyebrows raised across the nation. The new guidelines will surely help lot of scholars who faces difficulties while appearing for viva in person.

As per University Grant Commission (UGC) regulations, Delhi University has ordered that it is compulsory to check for plagiarism to avoid any kind of piracy. The University is also designing the software to avoid accepting such thesis, which might have been copied from the web. Though there are many such plagiarism software available online but those are not full proof. Those software do not yield the exact verification result.

The scholars will have to submit the soft copies of their thesis 30 days before appearing for the interview process. “Any thesis failing the plagiarism check shall not be acknowledged by the university” as said by one of the official representative of the university. This step is being made compulsory to avoid scholars from following the copy-paste method.

Those students who are willing to appear for their Viva through Skype or any other means of video conference, they will have to positively inform their respective departments in advance.

The following amendments were made last week during the Executive Council (EC) meeting of Delhi University. The University has also amended its Ph.D ordinance as per UGC guidelines 2009 (which are the minimum required criteria to award Ph.D degree) and UGC regulations, 2010 (which states the minimum qualification for scholars to get appointed as teachers).

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The university in another consideration for Ph.D scholars has increased the time span for submitting the thesis at the end of program to 6.5 years, which was previously 5 years.

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