Delhi University needs a campus in West Delhi and so do grads

Delhi University, the most sought after destination by UG students all across India is quite always in news for all sorts of reasons. People have varied opinions about the courses, people and about life in Delhi, making DU the hotspot for myths and all sorts of jibber-jabber. By the virtue of its sky-high cut-off lists, the university is packed with the best crowd in the capital. While the high cut-offs can be blamed on the Class XII board examination marking scheme, the reason why students find it hard to get a seat is that though the demand has gone up in the past 17 years, no new government colleges have been opened at the University.

With over three lakh applications coming in for its under-graduate courses alone every year, Delhi University attracts students from across the country to fill-in some 60,000 seats. Delhi University came under the limelight when BJP MP Pravesh Varma pointed out in the Lok Sabha during Zero Hour that no new government college had come up in DU for the past 17 years. He also pointed out that gram sabha land for starting new colleges came under the Delhi government. This is so because on the other hand, the Delhi government has acknowledged the scarcity of seats and also announced plans to have more seats in Ambedkar University.

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The idea of opening a West Campus of Delhi University has been proposed in the villages of Ghumanhera, Dwarka and Najafgarh where a lot of land is lying vacant. It has been suggested that the Delhi government should build new colleges and develop a West Campus on the lines of the already existing North and South campuses. College life is not only about academics, it is also about campus life, extracurricular activities and cultural events because this is what will define your life for the next 3-4 years. DU has a huge campus divided in two campuses, i.e. North Campus and South campus. There are several off campus colleges too. The university is spread over 69 acres of lush green, hilly terrain. The natural beauty and buildings of historical significance make the students life exciting.

Rohini Seth, a third year Economics student, said to The Hindu: “At present, the infrastructure in some North Campus colleges is crumbling. There are very few toilets and classrooms are dilapidated. DU desperately needs new institutions with state-of the art facilities.”

While the metro has made the commute easier, students studying at the University say that if they spend less time travelling to and from college, they would be squeeze in time for a hobby or get some rest before heading out for coaching classes in the evening. Students feel that building a new campus will create new infrastructure and also address the issue of the lack of hostel seats.

With so many feathers on its cap, Delhi University justifies its desirability. The University has a lot to offer to its student. But, because of the high cut-off, getting in this university is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to get a seat in the Delhi University. But, as the saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes easy”.

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