Delhi University approves the implementation of CBCS

The highest decision making body of Delhi University – Executive Council (EC) on Tuesday approved the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) amid opposition from a section of EC members who pointed out that the basic objective of the CBCS may not get fulfilled.

“The basic objective of the CBCS, to ensure mobility for students from one institution to another, may not be fulfilled because of in build problems. Even intra-university migration is not easy under the CBCS. The implementation of the Choice Based Credit System is an attack on autonomy of university as it is snatching away the basic right of the university to frame syllabi,” JL Gupta, an EC member, wrote in his dissenting letter.

DU approves the implementation of CBCS

Know what actually Choice Based Credit System is?

The colleges under Delhi University were waiting for the decision that would reveal whether they would prepare the syllabus, time tables etc according to CBCS or the earlier system would continue. “We are waiting for a running from the University Grants Commission (UGC) after which we will tolerate a decision in the region of the implementation of CBCS.” These are the words uttered by a senior academic attributed divulging the real time situation. He also said that in the mean time they are preparing and would get ready to start the transition. It’s only the time to hear from UGC and according they would follow the procedure that would be officially declared.

Recently UGC announced that all Central Universities will adopt CBCS.

Delhi University finally approved the Choice based Credit System (CBCS) that would be implemented from the next upcoming session. Students seeking admission to the undergraduate courses would be able to acknowledge the benefits that would help them to study well with a better infrastructure. Certain rivals including five members also came out with the idea that this has been an undemocratic matter and should be immediately pulled off. But still the proposal brought in by the Executive Council (EC), DU has achieved the ultimate position in the educational field.

“There was no discussion on the CBCS. There was no articulation or deliberation on it. Despite dissent from five members the Vice-Chancellor passed the CBCS implementation.” These are the real words revealed by Abha Dev Habib, one of the members of EC.

The procedure would begin with the admission process for 2015-2016 session that’s to start by this week. The colleges therefore are on the way developing the new syllabus, time tables and other curriculum ensuring a better education. However, DU is facing certain criticism due to such approach and even contradiction arises for the CBCS statement. Earlier this year HRD Ministry asked the Vice-chancellor about the recent preparations but DU put on a hold on the matter that was really frustrating. (HRD Ministry approves CBCS)

Delhi University authorities declared that the University doesn’t see any difficulty in implementing the CBCS from upcoming academic session and all decisions have been approved with majority and are in sync with the varsity norms.

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