Delhi To Attain Status Of State, Draft Bill Proposed By AAP Government

The draft bill proposes transfer of control of land, police and bureaucracy to the Delhi government from Central government
The draft bill proposes transfer of control of land, police and bureaucracy to the Delhi government from Central government

India is a country full of corrupt practices. From our elite ruling coalition government to our powerful bureaucrats, corruption prevails in India at all levels. It was to curb this corruption that a common man, Arvind Kejriwal stood amongst powerful government officials, only to make our society corruption-free. Aam Aadmi Party is an Indian political party launched by Arvind Kejriwal and registered thumping victory in the assembly elections within the heart of the country. Ever since coming to the power, Kejriwal government has demanded certain rights over land and judiciary which are available with other state governments, but Delhi being the national capital, has been under the control of Central government for most of the powers.

Opening another potential flashpoint with the Centre, the AAP government released a draft bill on full statehood to Delhi, seeking to bring police, land and bureaucracy under its control, and invited suggestions from the public till June 30. An all-party meeting will be held on the issue.

After June 30, the final version of the draft would be prepared and a resolution would be passed by the Delhi Assembly to this effect. The resolution will be forwarded to the Centre which in turn will have to bring Constitutional Amendment. The draft has been put on the Delhi government’s website so that general public can understand it better. All the suggestions can be forwarded to the email ids mentioned in the official web portal for the bill.

Through the bill, Aam Aadmi Party seek to fulfill the dreams of Congress and BJP. Aam Aadmi Party is also planning to rise above party lines. A special session of the Assembly may also be called for passing the resolution.

BJP has struggled the most on the issue, all the old manifestos of BJP are in vein wherein the party had promised full statehood. They have consistently raised it. AAP is merely taking BJPs resolve forward by inviting public opinion on this draft.

Kejriwal is also planning to meet and write letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi , Home Minister Rajnath Singh , BJP President Amit Shah and Congress President Sonia Gandhi to garner support for the draft bill, which keeps the high-profile NDMC area, out of its jurisdiction.

Under the proposed draft bill on Statehood for Delhi, it has been proposed that the administrative power, including police, law and order and land, to be transferred to the Delhi government which is under the aegis of Central government. All the areas other than those under the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and Delhi Cantonment Board should come under the jurisdiction of Delhi government, the draft bill proposes.

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