Delhi Police arrests two in connection with Metro Station Heist

delhi metro station securityDelhi Police arrested two people on Tuesday night in connection with the heist at a Delhi Metro Station. On early Monday morning, two men had attacked the station controller of Rajendra Nagar metro station under Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and escaped away with Rs 12 lakh heist.

A senior officer with Delhi police said that one arrested person is a former metro staffer while the police is interrogating both the accused for more information. Police also informed that the weapon used in the heist is a knife with a 3-inch blade.

As per the reports, two men entered the metro station at 5.14 am, well before the metro train operations start for the day and entered the station controller’s room. Later, they left the control room at 5.34 am with Rs 12 lakh, stations earning of the weekend and escaped away from the station at 5.36 am. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) which holds the responsibility of security in all metro stations, claimed that the fault was not at their end and no weapon had passed through their security check.

CCTV footage showed that the suspects were frisked by a CISF officer. It also showed that the suspects were wearing surgical masks, which nearly covered their eyes. CISF said that people wearing masks is usual at Rajendra Nagar metro station as the station is near two famous hospitals of the national capital. The suspects were also carrying bags which were checked and nothing suspicious was found while checking.

Footage also showed the suspects moving towards station control room door where they were speaking with the metro official identified as 30 year old Kunal Kishore. DMRC informed that there is no CCTV camera installed inside the room and thus the footage only shows attackers entering the control room and leaving it in 20 minutes. The attackers stabbed Kishore on the right side of the chest, Kishore has also sustained injuries on his forehead and was immediately rushed to Ganga Ram Hospital.

DMRC said in a release that the suspects entered forcibly into the station control room seeking the solution of a complaint and looted Rs 12 lakh. It also said that the suspects entered the station from gate number 2 and left through gate number 1.

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