Delhi HC gives 6 months to Centre and MCI to bring B.Sc course for Health workers

Delhi High Court

Six months time period was given to Centre and MCI by Delhi High Court to start B.Sc course to prepare health workers to practice medicine in rural areas for treating some common diseases. It was also to be noted that, failure and negligence to introduce such course would cause contempt proceedings. It was also bought out in the open that, in 2010, B.Sc Community Health course was supposed to have started. Orders were issued to Ministry of Health and MCI, regulatory body of doctors, by Justice Manmohan as the medical bodies had not acted upon their 2010 agreement. The High Court was also of the view that, Centre should bring new law with any other option in this regard.

As per the the High Court, once when central government had taken it upon itself to introduce BSc Community health course and HC also said that central government must take all its efforts to give the course a legal footing. Central government must also take up the role of introducing the course in institutions and universities of central government further providing a helping hand to the state government also.

High Court was also of the opinion that, once syllabi, curriculum were fixed and graduates identified after completing the course, the graduate students would be able to treat different diseases at their primary stages. These graduates must be allowed to practice independently as doctors. It was also bought to the notice that a hearing regarding this issue was fixed on March 9 2016. It must be said that, court in its order had also had mentioned that, students who successfully complete the course must be given the right to practice medicine to treat some common diseases present in the syllabus so that the objective behind the agreement was fulfilled.

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It must be noted that in the year 2010, ministry gave promise before the court regarding the approval and implementation of Bachelor of Rural Health Care course and said that  the course would start within two months of MCI approving the syllabi to which MCI also agreed. The High court in 2010 gave two months each to MCI and Ministry to take steps for the starting of the course.

Another thing that must be noted here was, in 2010, MCI had stated before court that, students who had applied for the community medicine subject would be committed to serve for five years in rural places and after that students if they study a bridge course for two years and get the needed qualification then they would be  treated on par with those of  MBBS students. Task force on Medical Education was appointed by the government under National Rural Health Scheme. This task force had suggested for the new course to be started that would help in overcoming the  shortage of health care professional in rural places. A contempt appeal was moved through advocate Mr Prashant Bhushan against the concerned officers for not implementing the course as promised before.

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