Delhi govt to reduce syllabus by 25% for classes upto 8th standard

Children with heavy bags

In what comes as a good news for students studying in Delhi government schools, they will soon get relief from carrying heavy bags. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia made the announcement during a phone-in-program of All India Radio. Sisodia was attending the live phone-in-program on ‘Education System in Delhi’ on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. Delhi government will reduce the syllabus by 25 percent for classes up to 8th standard.

While making the announcement, Sisodia said, “The future of children cannot be allowed to be burdened by their heavy school bags. Though this issue has been discussed in the country for several years, the Delhi government has decided to reduce it through cut in the syllabus.” In a recent press conference, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also added that Delhi’s Education system will be the best in the country.

The decision aiming for 25 per cent reduction in school syllabus would be effective from October. Manish Sisodia mentioned that Delhi Government is implementing the election promise it had made to the parents, teachers and students. “We have completed the preparation of 25 per cent reduction in the school syllabus upto class eight and the decision will be implemented by next month in all Delhi government schools. The Department of Education has been working on this plan and it has completed its consultations with educationists, experts, teachers and parents on this issue,” he informed. Few days earlier, the minister also stressed over importance of moral education.

“Due to heavy workload of their school syllabus students are unable to get time for activities which are crucial for their all round development. It has been felt that certain outdated topics which have no present day relevance are being done away with, the outdated and obsolete syllabus will be replaced by skill development, theatre, art, music and sports in the curriculum for classes 9-12.,” the minister said stressing upon the need for all-round development.

The government is also planning to reduce the syllabus in a phase manned for classes 9 to 12.

Delhi Government has also started a pilot project for improving infrastructure in all the schools and 41 schools have been selected for the project. Sisodia said that the government is dedicated towards improving infrastructural facilities in the schools. Government is also installing CCTV cameras in all class rooms. Apart from the circulars launched for government schools, private schools are also under the radar. The govt is also interrogating Delhi schools on their assets, fee structure, admissions and teacher’s qualifications to stop the monopoly of schools.

Further explaining the government’s plan to provide quality education, he said that the government will open 500 new schools and land acquisition has already been done for the schools. He also expressed his concern for higher education, he said there is need to open new colleges to accommodate more than 2 lakh students who pass out from schools every year.

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