Delhi Govt sends notice to 12 schools for overloading of School van

school van overloading

On September 1, 2015 Delhi transport department issued notices to 12 schools located in Delhi after a media report showed how 25 children were being ferried in an eight-seater van and are sitting on the CNG Cylinder. The private van operators who ferries the school going students across the NCT of Delhi carry more than the permitted capacity. As per the official rules in an 8 seater van only 12 can be carried instead these operators are carrying 25 children in one go.

In past few weeks or say days the press and media visited many schools to find out the exact situations through which the school going children go through every day. It was found that the innocent children were sitting on the top of the CNG Cylinder which is a highly dangerous situation in itself. On asked the driver said, “”No, we don’t make them sit on it,”.”He is lying… We sit on it and often it even heats up,” the children shouted back. Another problem that came in the picture during the time of survey is that there are few vans who are more than 10 years old which is the permitted limit for the commercial vehicles to ply.

On cross examination or questioning the drivers instead of giving answers to the questions raised by the media personnel’s either pushed their equipment’s back or rushed their vans or hid themselves.

The government in the notice seen t to the schools mentioned that it has been suspected that the private school van operators are engaging in illicit practices like carrying more than the permitted children in the van and thereafter making them sit on the CNG Cylinder.

The government has also taken the decision on their part to form a monitoring team who will investigate on a regular basis that illegal cabs do not run on the streets of Delhi.

If the figures are to be believed in last three years the accidents of school van which took place somewhere around 70 children got badly injured and one child lost the life.

As per the senior officer, Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai has sought action against school-vans that are found violating the norms and called for an action taken report in this regard.

“We have sent notices to 12 schools. Action will be taken against those who are found flouting the rules. A joint meeting of transport department and traffic police officials will be held with school managements to sort the issue.”

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