Delhi Government to improve Education with new Action Plan

manish sisodia delhi government school plan
Manish Sisodia explaining the government’s school plan

Education Minister Manish Sisodia unveiled the Delhi government’s action plan on Friday to improve education system at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi. He affirmed that the Delhi government is committed to its vision of bringing government schools on a par with private schools and is carrying out all the necessary efforts to achieve the same.

Sisodia presented the government’s action plan to 1011 principals, 200 mentor teachers and 100 officers present at the venue, where he said, “A lot of work has been done on infrastructure and quality at government schools. Still they are not on the priority list of parents. I wish that to be the case and we all are working towards it.”

He briefed all about the action plan for the academic session 2016-17 that basically revolves around three questions that need to be answered if the education system is to be improved. “The clearer the answers are in the mind of teachers, principals and education administrators about the need for education, how to impart it and what to provide as part of it, the more it will improve in Delhi,” he said.

Assuring full support to teachers, Manish Sisodia said, “Teachers are pilot and we are his support staff.” “Teachers need to be clear about why they’re teaching. If they aren’t, they are merely transferring data,” he added.

delhi government education plan
Another image from the event

The action plan for the academic session 2016-17 has been divided in four components to address the issue in a better way; for teachers, heads of schools, school management committees and for education administrators.

For Teachers : Under the Mentor Teacher Program, 200 mentors (teachers) will be available to address the issues related to academics. Additionally, the government will train 28 thousand TGT and Assistant teachers to overcome the shortage of teachers in government schools. An online training program will be developed for teachers. Government school teachers will also get an online “individual learning platform” for content across subjects.

For School Heads : 90 Principals have been selected by the government to visit renowned Cambridge University. Along with this, 887 Principals will be trained in leadership. They will also visit the best institutions across the country and abroad for sharing best practices.

For School Management Committees : SMCs will provide training and even on-site support to the teachers along with running leadership programs. It has also been decided that SMCs will run summer camps, specially for Class 6 students. Students will participate in activity-based learning and group projects in the summer camps, which will be organized from 11 May to 31 May.

SMCs will also get a mobile application so that they can report to education department officials about issues with their respective schools.

For Education Administrators : Along with monitoring on-site support, education administrators will organize off-site ‘perspective-building’ workshop. Government will also form a ‘District Collective Forum’ where they can share best practices and solutions with each other.

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