Delhi Government Schools to get make-over every year, says Sisodia

Manish Sisodia, Education Minister of Delhi said that from now on, every year, all the schools of Delhi will be white washed. This will happen during the summer vacations. The reason behind doing this is so that students look forward to coming to school.

Sisodia informed the decision in a series of tweets. tweeted, “Every classroom and every wall in government schools of Delhi will be renovated and whitewashed every year during the summer vacations.” “Education Department and Public Works Department have been given instructions,” he added.

In the past, renovation work was done in a number of government schools, and the students seem to be quite happy about the same. Sisodia also laid emphasis on the importance of having clean and well-maintained schools. He said that if schools are proper and the infrastructure is good, it encourages the students to study.

It has been seen that Manish Sisodia has made a number of changes since he took charge as the education minister. He has been a constant criticised of no-detention policy. He said that the policy is not doing any good to the students and the policy is also interfering with the regular functions that take place in schools. This policy was also responsible for mass failure, according to him.

In January this year, he said that he will get all the schools of Delhi inspected. This was because of the death of a six-year-old child in one of the schools in Delhi. In the wake of that incident, he called an emergency meeting and said that he will get all the 3,500 schools of Delhi inspected.

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