Delhi Government Schools gear up for Second Mega PTM on 15 October

Once in every 15-days, I travel by Delhi Local and proud to say the experiences are overwhelming. Day before yesterday, while I was coming back from office I was recalling my last journey in EMU when I happen to meet 5 Delhi-Government school children. I was wondering if I could meet some parents this time who could share with me their experience of the first PTM which was held on July 29, 2016, in more than 1000 government schools in the national capital to assess the performances of students. Parents of around 16 lakh students studying in 2500 government schools in Delhi today attended a “Mega PTM” (Parents Teacher Meeting) organized to bring the quality of education at par with that imparted in private schools.

From the Tilak Bridge station, two-three friends happen to board the train and sat next to me. While they were chit-chatting, I could see that in no time they will pull out their cards and start playing (which I’m also fond of but not publicly), so I interrupted them. I asked them do any of your child studies in Government School of Delhi and have you attended the Mega PTM. One of the man out of the three came first and told me that her daughter studies in Class 8 of Government Girls’ Secondary School in F1-F2 block of Nand Nagri Extension. He further told me that he visited his daughter’s school for the first time on that day. He met his eighth-grader daughter’s teachers, and was told “she’s doing fine and will be in Pratibha.”

Then I also told them that the Delhi Government is again hosting the second mega parent-teacher meeting on October 15 in over 1,100 government schools. For morning shift schools, the PTM will be held between 8 am and 1 pm and for evening shift schools, it will be held from 2 pm to 7 pm. Then I asked them would you be interested in attending the meeting? One of them told me that earlier they would never get to know about the performance of our wards. At least now we know exactly where our kids are weak. So why won’t’ we attend? Another father who was sitting quietly in the corner, told me Ma’am ap humse jyada padhe likhe hain, apse kya chupaein, my kids didn’t informed us (me and my wife) about the meeting because there are exam results to discuss and they’re scared.

Delhi’s Second Mega PTM Welcomes all parents


The focus of this PTM will be on sharing results of the first term exams held after the government started its ambitious Chunauti 2018 scheme to improve learning levels and take feedback from parents. The target is to make sure that all children are able to read by November 14.

The report card of first term exams will be given to parents on the day of the PTM. At the PTM, schools have been asked to brief parents of Class 9 students about the no-detention policy. The criteria regarding minimum 25% score in summative assessments will be made clear to the parents. Importance of attendance will also be explained to parents. 75% attendance is compulsory to appear in final exams.

Schools have to show the answer sheets if parents ask for it. While the feedback received from parents will be noted down by teachers, they have also been asked to show classwork and homework notebooks.

For primary classes, teachers have to brief parents regarding punctuality, regularity and cleanliness. For classes 6 to 8, parents will be briefed about monitoring the activity of children at home and report cards will be given to them.


Maa ki pyari aao school,
Maa ki pyari aao school,
School me khilte h fool (flower).

In a first, a Mega Parent Teacher Meeting was organized by the Delhi Government. The full day PTM and the carnival atmosphere at these government-run schools was an entirely new experience for the parents who were sent hand-out invites ahead of the meeting. The parents received warm welcome from student volunteers after which they had long interaction with teachers. Tea and refreshments were also distributed. Primary objective of the mega PTM was to explain CHUNAUTI 2018 and the process of dividing classes into Groups according to the learning achievements.

What is CHUNAUTI 2018

In a bid to put a check on dropout rate of students and improve quality of education with special focus on the weakest students, Delhi government announced a new education reform plan – Chunauti 2018.

  • Students from Class 6 to 9 will be mapped and the weakest students will be provided with “special focus” to enhance learning levels.
  • The government will especially focus on the “weakest students” of class 9 to help ensure that they successfully clear class 10 by the year 2018, a move aimed at ‘leaving no child behind’ in its schools.
  • Manish Sisodia, who also holds the education portfolio, said the “best and dynamic teachers” would work on the weakest students in all the schools, besides holding extra remedial classes for them

Coming back to the conversation with the parents, in their opinion, it is again gonna be a grand affair likewise the first time. They told that Delhi government enrolls nearly 16 lakh students in its schools. In the first PTM held on July 30, parents of at least 70% students showed up at schools – many for the first time. Let’s wait and watch what happens this time!!

With this conversation, this little but enriching meeting came to an end as my de-boarding station arrived. While getting down we all wished each other a bright future.

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