Delhi Government School teachers to visit foreign universities for training

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia, yesterday, announced that the teachers of government schools would be trained at par with their foreign counterparts. Sisodia was attending a meeting of 23 School Management Committees in his assembly Patparganj.

delhi government school teachers training

Manish Sisodia also maintained that a teacher must be a good leader and thus being trained in a competitive environment would help them develop leadership skill too. He said, “A teacher is a leader for at least 40 children. They will get leadership training here.”

Currently, the State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT) provides support for improving the quality of school education by constantly working on teachers training modules. Manish Sisodia further praised the work of Delhi government for improving the infrastructure of government schools and said that the prime focus would now shift on improving the quality of education in government schools.

Sisodia also expressed happiness towards the work of SMC members and reminded them of using their powers in judicial manner. He said, “SMC members have been doing great work since the body wad formed, but there are also do’s and don’ts. The powers of the members are equal to that of an education minister. So they should be used judiciously.”

Stating about the training program, Sisodia said, “Principals and teachers in Delhi government schools will also get to undergo training akin to the way teachers in the best schools of the world are trained. For this, they can be sent to foreign universities, they can be sent to IITs, IIMs… teachers’ training will be done in the best institutions in the world, so that they also feel that their training is being invested in.”

Delhi government will start the teacher exchange program under which teachers and principals of government schools will be send to visit some of the best universities abroad and teachers from there will also come to Delhi.

Sisodia further stressed on his point that his main objective as an Education Minister is to improve the government schools and make them better than the private ones. He mentioned, “If the 23 government schools in Patparganj can become better than the private schools in the area, then I will consider my becoming an MLA of this area a success.”

It is mandatory for every government school to have an elected SMC under the Right to Education Act. School Management Committee comprises of parents, the local MLA, social activists, teachers and the principal as members.

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