Delhi Government proposes changes to Delhi School Education Act

India would now see the changes for Delhi School Education Act and Rules (DESAR) 1973 that would incorporate certain features and criteria for a better education system. The amendment includes the reduction in fees for the private unaided schools and some changes for nursery admission. The circular would get published on the website from where one can get access to the authenticated information.

The Department of Education (DoE) also welcomes all the users to post comments that would be useful to make the right decision. 15th June is the last date to put comments and thus everyone get familiar with the issues knowing the real time situation. Sections 17, 24 and 27 would come into focus that consists of the information about fees and other important features.

About the law : “As the law stand today, the provision of act and rules do not explicitly prescribe any cap for fixation of fee and other charges to be levied by the podcaster unaided recognized schools of Delhi not limit the fee hike done by the schools.” The law as prescribed includes free rationalization that would help the students to get admitted easily. A committee would also be established to look upon the complaints that would be taken special care. Also, the government ensures the transparent admission process that would become useful for the students to study well free from any discrepancies.

According to Ashok Agarwal, the lawyer activist, the procedure would execute simply and would not come out as the deterrent feature for the schools. Sumit Vohra who basically runs the website as proposes a centralized admission system that would help to set up a better systematic process.

Some Other Facts

The parents should fill out the form carefully and need to submit to DOE in order to suitable execution of all the features. Make sure that you put all the necessary details ensuring that it comes out with the real optimistic outputs.

A review committee was established on April 2011 that was responsible to evaluate all the issues of DSER-73. So, the new concept arises from where and today the schools would become benefited with the better features that would come out with the higher success rate. Primary focus would the learning process for children that’s the most essential part for the suitable alterations. In this direction, a new strategy can be developed helping education to come out with the positive approaches.

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