Following Noida, Delhi government extends winter break in schools

While we were busy criticizing the global warming and its adverse effects on climate change, the sudden downpour from the sky gave the first knock of the gruesome winters. Delhi NCR Region is known for its severe cold conditions and unlike the yesteryears, the winters approached Center Capital a little late but in its full spree.

Seeking the harsh winter conditions, the winter break for the schools in Noida region was extended to 15th January. Following the same steps, Delhi government has advised the schools in the Capital city to extend their winter break until January 19. However, the schools governed by the NDMC, MCD and Delhi Cantonment Board and other private schools are advised to look into the matter accordingly.

The circular released by the Directorate of Education (DoE) said, “In view of the prevailing cold conditions and weather forecast by meteorological department that the temperature in the capital will dip further in the coming days, it has been decided to extend the winter break for primary classes (Classes KG to V) from January 16-19 in all government and government-aided schools.”

The circular adds, “Private schools and education departments of NDMC, MCD, and Delhi Cantonment Board can take requisite action in this regard, as per their own assessment.”

Taking the parameters on serious notes, many private schools like Ahlcon International have adhered to the footstep of the government and extended their winter break. Whereas, schools like DPS RK Puram, which has already resumed the session, is suspending the classes from Nursery to 5th.

January 12th was recorded as the coldest day of the year in the National Capital. The recorded temperature on the day was as low as 2 degrees with bone-chilling waves sweeping in a high pace. This was the extreme of the winter outbreak in last few years in the Northern region of the country.

The official circular of DOE also directs the schools to allow an exception in uniform with the addition of full sleeves or full legged clothing other than defined school uniform. “The schools are directed to ensure that all the students come to school in full sleeves woolen clothes (long socks, stockings, shoes, gloves, caps and scarf) to protect them from the adverse cold conditions. Students may also be allowed full sleeves/full legged clothing even other than school uniform.”

Winter break was also extended last year considering the chilly weather to ensure the well-being of the children.

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