Delhi Govt to revolutionize Education sector with the help of Change-makers

Delhi Government, with an aim to strengthen its policies and train talented young leaders involved in the education sector, is planning to introduce a fellowship for young individuals willing to work in the respective area. The proposed ‘Change-makers in Education Fellows’ programme aims to attract outstanding young men and women from all over the country to work in State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) for two years.

This is being done so that they have a deep exposure to India’s broader realities; understand the challenges and opportunities presented in diverse environments; have the empathy, skills and determination to create social good. The same is being implemented to identify and entrust a cohort of individuals who hold expertise in education and passion for strengthening and improving the quality and standard of education.

Development of India is the responsibility of everyone, be it bankers, scientists, bureaucrats, teachers, entrepreneurs. Not only this, even the NGOs, government and corporate enterprises too play a vital part – for at present India needs talented young leaders. The fellowship programme thus designed would meet the immediate needs of the SCERT and the Department of Education. It will also provide a rare capacity-building opportunity for the youth, and create a pipeline of change agents for education.

Young people have tremendous potential to bring about change in the society and in the country as a whole. All one needs to is to invest in these young leaders and provide them the opportunity to get exposed to India’s social development challenges, explore their role within it, approach the future with the passion and purpose they need to make an impact – on our nation and our world as a whole.

Delhi government will select Fifty-four young and dynamic fellows, under the age of 35 from a wide range of academic and professional disciplines. The 54- fellows thus selected will be offered a stipend of INR 40,000 per month for a period of 12 months (extendable to two years).

According to an official statement, “Designed as a special programme over a minimum period of one year (extendable to another year) to identify and entrust a cohort of individuals whose expertise in education and passion for strengthening and improving the quality and standard of education.”

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