Delhi Book Fair 2015 themes Skill Development in its 21st Edition

Delhi Book Fair has started from Saturday, 29 August at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The Fair has been organized by The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) and India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO). The 21st edition of the biggest book fair largely focuses to make aware people about the skill-based professions and how skill development can affect one’s career. The Book fair was inaugurated by Minister of State for Prime Minister Office, Jitendra Singh.

Delhi Book fair is a nine-day fair, the entry tickets for the fair are available at several Delhi Metro stations at a subsidized price of Rs. 20. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Skill India‘ educational campaign for promoting entrepreneurship in the Country and many leading organizations have openly supported the initiative. In an attempt to promote the campaign, ITPO and FIP joined hands to dedicate Delhi Book Fair for skill development and hence debates, discussions, workshops and seminars have been included as the part of Delhi Book Fair. Several books related to develop skills (hard and soft) are made available at the fair irrespective of the age groups.

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delhi book fair
Book shelf at Publications Division, Delhi Book Fair. Image Courtsey – Twitter profile of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

At the inauguration event, Minister Jitendra Singh laid stress over the fact the passion for books among the public is diminishing and hence it is a great challenge to pump it up. He said, “Better than employment is employability. Therefore, better than facilitating people’s arrival to the fair, we need to inspire some passion in them…. It is a huge challenge to create a passion which would not require facilitation.”

He also clarified that the harmonious co-existence of Internet and book reading must exist as books will always have a longer shelf life as compared to internet. He was quoted saying “I don’t think that (Internet) should be taken as a challenge. It should be taken as a supplement. A lot of things have become easier. If you cannot find a publisher, you can publish it on the Internet. It automatically gets readership across the world.”

This year, Delhi Book fair is featuring title and publications by over 215 participants which includes overseas participation from China. Publications featured in the fair includes school and college textbooks, children’s literature, fiction, non-fiction along with office and computer stationery, digital writing instruments, labels, printers, labeling machines, money checkers, material for seminars, conferences, office automation and corporate gifts.

The fair also features an Excellence in Book Production award for publishers and a special theme pavilion dedicated to the late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Recently, Delhi Government’s Skill Education scheme has been named after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, honouring the late President of the country.

Several events like street plays, dance shows, painting and story-telling competitions for students would also be organized at the fair. Literary program by Bhartiya Jnanpith, Workshop on Library Science by Rangnathan Research Centre Circle, the Laws of Invisible Leadership by IRH Press, Author Talk – Marcus du Sautoy by LIS British Council and Nukkad Natak on Child Abuse/Drugs and Narcotics are also a part of the fair.

Since the inception of Delhi Book Fair in the year 1995, it has given a great platform to book lovers for all kinds of stuff they love to read. Ashok Gupta, President of FIP said, “We have got plenty of books to be exhibited at a dedicated lounge to give an idea to the book lovers what skill development can do and how this skill development can change the life of the youth. We are very hopeful that after going back from the Fair, these youth will be charged enough to support the industry not only in India but will spread the message of skill development through out the world.”

“It was difficult to have books other than the textbooks in Delhi, the book lovers used to travel a lot at different places to pick the books of their choices of different subjects i.e. Art, Culture, history, etc. This Book Fair become a focal point for the book lovers to get all types of books under air conditioned roof with a very good ambiance to read, to select and to buy,” he added.

The fair would occlude on 6 September and is open for visitors from 10 am to 8 pm.

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