DEEKSHA program’s launch a step in the right direction to revitalize education in Uttarakhand

With the launch of the program DEEKSHA, Uttarakhand made a progress on the path of quality education. On Wednesday, Uttarakhand Chief Secretary Shatrughna Singh launched DEEKSHA (Dedication to enhance education through knowledge, skill and habit assessment) as an important initiative to raise the standard of education in the state.

The Chief Secretary said that all the scholarships scheme for different students would be made online. To ease the process, he actively gave instruction to officials to ensure Aadhar Card of all the students to seed the requisite information of the students into bank accounts. He also said to repair the school buildings on the priority basis.

deeksha program
Ministers and officials present at the launch of DEEKSHA program in Uttarakhand on Wednesday.

Mr. Singh admired the initiative of opening government schools earlier. He noticed that the number of registrations has shown a significant increase. He directed District Magistrate to do a proper inspection of schools to inspect the quality of education and teachers.

D Senthil Pandian, the secretary school education, also highlighted the importance of DEEKSHA program. He said with this program proper speculations and corrective measures would be adopted to improve the students’ performance. Such initiatives would also compel other students to join government schools.

This program consists two key assessment policy- CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) and LLA (Learning Level Assessment). CCE would function at the primary level while LLA at the senior levels to check the progress of students.

A booklet containing all the guidelines for the implementation of the program was also released on the occasion.
Since the past few years, Uttarakhand government has been putting more emphasis on the education sector. This is a good sign that some of the policies are working out in the state. And with the launch of DEEKSHA, the government has taken the initiative to impose a quality education among the upcoming generation.

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