Decoding the success of portal in 2 years – Is it really successful ?

The pace at which reforms were promised by the government when it was vying to come to power in 2014 has alleviated, at least this is what many believe. What started as a crusade against the rampant corruption, transformed into a slow breakthrough in the name of development. It is wrong to say that the present government did not achieve anything; it did, yet the dissatisfaction that ensued after many policies initiated by the government made more impact than the policies themselves.

There is no denying that the agenda of the BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) was to bring the country back on track. To some extent, the agenda has seen the hour of fulfillment. The previous government had made the country witness a swarm of scams one after the other. From the administrative level to the political one, the last government was immersed in the allegations of corruption. This was what was picked up by the ‘chosen one’ in 2014 who felt that there is a disconnect between the citizen and the government in power. This disconnect is, primarily, because of the absence of a good dialogue between the two strong pillars of the country, the people and their chosen government.

The functioning of all the governments has been conveyed to the people, either through their policies or Acts. However, the procedure that the people missed was brought in the form of so that a connect could be built between these pillars. The portal could be seen invoking the opinions of the people in whatever initiatives the government is about to take. Like, the government was keen in knowing the suggestions of the people over Draft Indian Nation Defence University Bill, 2015. Asking the involvement of the youth to come up with a youth anthem was another bridging-the-gap move by the government.

The inputs on the National Education Policy that are being sought have gained more prominence than many other. The educational conflict that has taken the front seat in all the debates must be why the government seeks varied opinions in the making of the policy. However, the portal is not just limited to seeking help but providing one too. The portal comprises of discussions, poll surveys and talkathons on how the country should walk towards development and other developing topics too. The transparency in the functioning of the government can only be brought with the help of a good dialogue and the government tries to bring in by engaging in live talks with different set of audience. It is to be seen whether the government would actually bring in changes or remain in hyperboles within that portal only.

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