Curriculum Committee to review textbooks seized from Peace School

The Indian Constitution proclaims India as secular in its preamble. Further, the part III of the constitution dealing with Fundamental education maintain the equality of all religions and importance of secularism. However, sometimes bizarre phenomenon starts sprouting just like those at Ernakulam, Kerala.

In Peace International School of the city, the primary students who are supposed to be learning respect for every religion of the world are instead being imparted with the message: “He (Allah) is not one of a group of gods and goddesses who fall in love, marry and plot against each other or put silly curses on humans.”

The lessons, which definitely try to incline a child’s opinion towards a particular religion doesn’t stop at that. The potential benefits of being a Muslim are directly shared with adolescent children, whose heart like a quick setting cement are most vulnerable in cavorting to new ideas.

Further addition to the list includes messages such as, “how we (Muslims) should never give up in any matter”, eulogizing on how Allah is one and unique and that there can’t be any comparison in his case; children are fed with such venomous lessons such as ‘all other faiths violate this simple command (Allah is one), either explicitly or implicitly’.

Since coming into news, the state school curriculum committee has taken notice of the situation and decided to review all the Islamic textbooks prescribed by Peace School in Ernakulam.

However, this is not the first time that a controversy had erupted in the regard. The education department and the police had earlier also found objectionable contents in these schools’ prescribed study materials. The police department informed that it had already communicated the details of investigation to the education curriculum committee.

Commenting on the same, the Ernakulum ACP K Laljy stated, “Though police have found content that are likely to disrupt religious harmony, it is the curriculum committee that can analyse the content. We have informed the committee about our findings that will be examined by experts.”

Earlier, police had searched the Peace International Schools at Thathappilly near North Paravoor and Chakkaraparambu near Vennala and seized textbooks for Islamic studies after securing a warrant from the magistrate.

The textbooks seized included those of Islamic studies from Class I to VIII from Thathappilly branch while those of LKG and UKG class were seized from Chakkaraparambu branch of the schools.

The seized textbooks also include those which shed religious practices of other religions in poor and denigrating light.

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