CRPF in action as tension increases at NIT Srinagar

nit srinagar issue
Security has been tightened at NIT Srinagar campus

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir : On Tuesday, a lot of unrest was again seen at the NIT Srinagar. The situation became so tense that CRPF had to be deployed so that the situation could be brought under control. The students there have alleged that the Police have kicked them and also punched when they were trying to leave the premise late at night. Students have been seen to express a lot of insecurity because of this reason and so when they were trying to leave the campus, police tried to use baton on them.

After this incident happened, the CRPF was deployed to calm the worsening situation. The Jammu and Kashmir government has assured full security to the students. Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister jumped into the matter and called up newly elected Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti.

This all started when some of the Kashmiri students of NIT celebrated the victory of West Indies, that won the World Cup T20 semi final over India held on March 31. So, this celebration was something that the other non-Kashmiri students were not able to tolerate and as a result of which they started boycotting the classes. This led to a major clash among students, the non-Kashmiri students claimed that the Kashmiri students are anti national and they do not seem to have any sort of sentiment in them.

The non Kashmiri students said that they were not feeling safe in the campus and that is the reason they were trying to leave the campus. Though the Police officials tried their best to calm down the students but the officials alleged that students did not pay heed to them. Some students also started coming out with slogans and tried to push away the policemen.

The station officer said, “We told them several times to stay inside the campus, but when they did not listen to use, we were compelled to use force on them.”

The students claim that the attitude of the police was very bad. “When some of the students tried to walk towards the gate, the policemen stopped them and started beating them,” one student alleged. Students further added that the internet connection has been cut inside the campus.

Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh has also spoken on the matter, he said that we have assured students full security. And also to all those students who are studying from other states as well.

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