Congress using education as an agenda in Goa Assembly Polls

With Goa Assembly polls scheduled next month, Congress is stuck in a conflict of sorting out its own party’s skirmishes and deciding agendas to work upon to win over the trust of people again. The condition of the party is such that it has to still decide its leaders who would be the face of the campaign to head the polls. Lately, the senior brigade of the party in Goa has threatened to quit the party if the party would not form alliance with like-minded people. The alliance issue emerging when Congress is already performing poorly in other states clearly indicates that the party is willing to put in all the efforts so that it wins the election this time.

“The whole idea of taking up (forming) this alliance is not because anybody has any personal agenda. Look at the results in other states where BJP has won, it is only because of division of opposition votes,” Rane, an MLA representing Valpoi constituency, told reporters on Saturday.

The news of Aam Aadmi Party planning to contest this time has kept the party on its toes. Many of its leaders have stated that it would be unwise on their part to underestimate the Aam Aadmi Party as the opposition force is rampantly making its presence felt. The clarion call is mainly for the cause of a better Goa; however, the underlying interest is also on what issues BJP can be exposed. The congress is reducing in digits and vying to retain its former that it had in many of the states.

Amidst this, the party using Education as its agenda in the assembly poll comes as no surprise. With something concrete to use as an issue, the party is trying to deviate from the conventional politics where alleging against other parties is the norm. Taking education as their key agenda, it seems the party wants to come into prominence amongst the youth. Education has been taken up by all the important parties across the states of the country before elections. The Aam Aadmi Party has made noticeable contributions towards education after its magnificent win in Delhi State elections. Perhaps, Congress has decided to follow the suit this time in the Goa polls.

What is to be seen is whether the party would really come up with a substantial approach for education programs in the state or is it just a ruse to show its firm footing with the people.

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