Communism, nationalism & India

Communism is a political ideology, for a State. Religion is opium to masses, because, God says, if someone slaps you on your right cheek give him your left as well, this was in the times when some thinkers believed morality had a hold in the minds of the society.

With the rise of Greed things changed, exploiters exploited to their might.

In today’s economic society there is a very apparent anti-thesis of moral values, which eventually is leading to huge social problems.

Communism effectively talks of implementing the will of a “COMMUNITY”. Stalin, Lenin or Jyoti Basu never attacked religion.

Communism in India was never effectively driven by ideology!

Communists shaking hands with Congress in Bengal and fighting each other in Kerala is so awful a show of Statesmanship.

My religious views are mine and I should leave them at home. I believe in it.

BJP is trying to help the poor through schemes, which our youth, which does not have a clue of, are reaching them through an obsolete mode of broadcasting that is All India Radio and Doordarshan, vernacular Press and what not.

State politics is very different in each states, but when it comes to India, It is Modi, and will be Modi for the time being in the least.

Nationalism is something I grew up with. I was taught to love my nation and take pride in it. My parents never believed in keeping their children on the back foot if they chose to serve in the Army!

So if Nationalism has a color, and accidentally it is Saffron, then Green and Blue, then they should also make their own versions of Nationalism.

I was taught to be secular, but my personal experiences push me the other side, again you can’t clap with one palm.

Cohesiveness is a rare thing to be seen in our society, so where does the concept of Indian Community come?

At least BJP is still trying to spread one ideology that it has, in every corner of this country. It is still trying to unite people.

In short they are trying to mend everything that the Congress and other regional parties did which is condemnable for ‘Silent Patriots’ like the likes of me.

fractionalization index
source: wikipedia

This is the ethnic fractionalization index. One interesting point of this is that countries which are high on diversity tend to have conflicts. If there is one thing to learn from them, it is this that respecting diversity and imposing one idea on others or favouring one leads to conflict. Even near home we found that imposing Urdu on Bengalis and favouring Buddhism and Sinhal in Sri Lanka worked disastrously for this nation. India is very high on this index and we have had conflicts but never let them threaten the Idea of India. When India was born many commentators said it will break up. For what was India ? A land of Hindus. No. Of upper caste or lower caste. No. A common ideology. No. A common language. No. So what was it ? It was unity in diversity.

So the notion that implementing one ideology/favouring a religion etc. over the country does not lead to unity in a diverse country like India. Live and let live is the mantra that needs to be followed.



  • It’s called charisma. Many idiots rule beacause of it. Indira Gandhi was a good example of it. Screwed the economy, but adored by people

  • I don’t even know what to make of it ? Except that never try logic with Modi Bhakts. Nor do they understand nor give a shit about it.

  • BJP helping poor through schemes ? Isn’t this exactly the opposite of BJP’s ideology. While the socialists have believed in schemes etc for the poor , the right has believed in economic growth which will trickle down and create self empowerment for the poor. So if a continuation of schemes only, NDA might call itself the UPA 3
    As Arun Shourie rightly pointed out. BJP is Congress + Cow. With same policies with the added side effects of communalism.

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