Inclination towards law : Colleges under Mumbai University keen to start law courses

Number of colleges in Mumbai had shown interest in starting new law courses. University of Mumbai had received more than 50 percent applications from new colleges. About 110 percent rise in the admission in its affiliated law colleges had been observed by University of Mumbai, but admission in engineering had only 40% rise. Demand for law courses was due to the fact that the job opportunities are no longer restricted to just practicing the law, but students have greater job options like bank law, cyber law and intellectual property rights etc.

law education in mumbai universityDr Narayan Rajadhyaksha, former dean of law at University of Mumbai also said about many options that are prevalent these days in the field of law. As a result of more job prospects, the number of students opting for law courses had increased. From 120 students in 5 year course during 2009-10 batch to 1500 students for the year 2015-16, there had been steep increase.

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Policy guidelines revision was cited as the reason for Maharashtra government not approving private universities before. Many private universities did not offer specialized courses but focused more on Mumbai Metropolitan Region and educational centre of Pune.

In the year 2013, the policy to allow private universities was launched by Congress-NCP government. Devendra Fadnavis’s Maharashtra cabinet gave permission to six private universities. To establish new universities in Maharashtra, the proposals were delayed. On 23rdJuly 2015, the decision of delaying the proposals came to end during a meeting.

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