Class 10th student dismissed from Rajasthan school for refusing to work as domestic help

Many atrocious things happen in daily lives of us that could never be tolerated at any cost. One such happened in Rajasthan for a school student that made every one to talk about it. Recently, a class Tenth student in Rajasthan was expelled when he refused to work as a domestic help in the house of a teacher of his school.

According to the statement given by sub divisional officer, Udaibhanu Charan, a student named Lallu Singh, studying in Bhimarlai Government Secondary School, Barmer, Rajasthan declared that school authorities had sacked him from the school for refusing to carry on doing daily household chores in the teacher’s house.

Udaibhanu Charan further said that the investigation regarding this mater is going on. When the School Principal was questioned regarding this matter, he said that the boy was expelled for his bad conduct. The basis for removal of boy from the school was not justified and strict action would be taken.

rajasthan boy expelled from school
School id card of Lallu Singh

Mr. Udaibhanu Charan further added that the boy, since he was admitted in class 6 had been force to work as domestic help in a teacher’s house. The boy, in his complaint had said that, while other classmates of his attended the school he was forced to work in the teacher’s house. The boy also said that he was thrashed by the teacher whenever he refused to do the household chores.

Lallu Singh said in his complaint that whenever he refused to do work in teacher’s house, the teacher not only threatened but also expelled him from the school with help of principal. Village people requested the school authorities to reconsider their decision but they did not agree to that.

Poonamchand Choudhary, Principal of the School firmly denied the statement that boy was made to work as domestic helper by the teacher and further said that the boy was expelled for his bad conduct. Principal also said that since sub divisional officer had asked a report regarding the boys expulsion, it would be done as per his directions. Boy met the district education officer in Barmer and asked for his mediation.

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