CIT Australia to tie up with India to strengthen education

Australian Education Minister Joy Burch is in India for this week amidst talks of Indian and Australian educational institutions tying up to strengthen education in the country. The minister is being accompanied by Canberra Institute of Technology’s (CIT) Chief Executive Leanne Cover.

Australian Education Minister Joy Burch
Australian Education Minister Joy Burch

Ms Burch is taking on a tour in educational areas in Kerala and Gujarat. She is promoting ACT’s vocational training institutions in these regions. CIT Chief Executive Leanne Cover will be, in the meanwhile, meeting with technological institution, Indian ministers concerning education sector and other vocational training institutes in the hope of coming up with tie up agreements between the education sector in the two countries.

The minister said that there are a significant number of Indian students in Australia. She added that they hope to set up institutions so that Indian students can get a lot more opportunities without having to go abroad. “Now’s the time to support their emerging status as an economic superpower and actually meet their needs locally with these fabulous partnerships with our vocational education sector,” the minister said.

If all goes well, a Memorandum of Understanding is going to be signed between Indian government officials and the CIT for training Indian students in spatial information, surveying and forensic science.

It is no secret that India is contended to become the third largest economy in the world by the end of this decade. The current government predicts in creating a 500 million strong workforce by 2022 to consolidate India’s position in the world economy. With that in mind, both countries are set to profit from this gesture.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm in India’s education regions of Kerala and Gujarat to learn from the ACT’s training system and develop particular programs with the ACT Government that will skill their workforce, enabling them to reach their economic goals,” Ms Burch said.

While in Kochi, Joy Burch expressed her opinion that student visa requirements in Australia are required to be made simple and straightforward so as to invite more Indian students. Recently, Adam Gilchrist was appointed as the first Australia-India Education Ambassador.

Australian minister is very optimistic about the skilled workforce base in India and maintains that there will be a lot to learn for the Indians as a part of ACT’s vocational training program. She is also hopeful about CIT’s venture in India which she thinks will yield only the best results. “It’s around promoting CIT in Canberra as a study destination, but it’s also exporting our expertise into that growing and emerging education environment within India,” she said.

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