Christ University calls students’ protests ‘mere allegations’

Bangalore’s one of the well-renowned institutions is in the news again, but not good reasons. The students have been protesting at the Christ University. The students started protesting on July 29 because of some of the rules. After that, they also posted on social media and expressed their views on the same.

All the students dressed in black stood silently until the faculties listened to them. Students are facing some serious issues for the past few years. One of them is the requirement of 85% attendance which most of the students are not able to fulfill. Not only this, the dress code has also created a lot of issues for the students as they are very strict when it comes to dress code. After a long time, students finally decided to protest.

christ university protests

The first incident that sparked strike was when the student did not want to work on the day of the strike. The college instead wanted the students to work on the day of the strike. The students seem to be very unhappy about the rules and regulations that are in place. One of the posts said, “To walk around college every day and know that everything around that place is wrong, and to realize that raising your voice is a far bigger crime, is pretty much how most of us feel in college.” The main reason behind this was that a lot of students live far away and also the buses were not running on that day. They also say that those students who live nearby are at an advantage when it comes to attendance.

They also complained that the college does not address their issues at all and they are also not allowed to organize any event. Also, a teacher was also fired just because he spoke in favor of the students. He was actually not satisfied with the marking scheme of the college.

On all these allegations, Pro- VC, Fr Abraham, Christ University, said, “The details mentioned in the post are based on wrong facts. These are simply allegations. However, there is no doubt that we are only strict about the attendance. There are a few that do not like discipline. I would say these are in the minority. The majority are happy with the university. Alumni since long ago still come to admit their children because they feel that this place gives quality education.”

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