China says it’s capable of resolving border disputes with India; but how can it be trusted?

Like it wasn’t already enough for China to be in muddle for it’s consistent interference alongside Indian border and now addressing the disputes, one top Chinese official has now stated that both countries are more than capable to resolve the issues in-between.

Pentagon, United States has accused China on increasing its activities and deploying more troops near Sino-India border. In an answer to which, the Chinese official said that the Chinese government is committed to safeguarding peace and tranquility of the border areas between China and India and resolving the boundary question through negotiation with India.

The Foreign Minister of China recently said in a written response to Press Trust of India after the Pentagon report alleged China that it has deployed more troops along border, “China and India are wise and capable enough to deal with this issue. It is hoped that other country would respect efforts made by China and India for the peaceful settlement of dispute, rather than the opposite.”

How is it remotely possible for India to trust China based on the events of history in past few years only. China has repeatedly forced it’s way into aligning border areas of India, such as in Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal and also POK. And now China says that both countries are wise, carry wisdom and are capable of resolving the issue.

How come the ‘wisdom’ has never been in evidence all these years and it is when the US and India police the shipping in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean that the Chinese discover that they are wise? This bit of new-speak needs to be deciphered in terms of the growing US-India relationship. It seeks to exclude the US, which has been assertive in disregarding China’s attempts to extend its EEZ by extending the disputed islands artificially, which is ecologically disastrous. At one point of time, the Chinese had announced that it will cut back their troop strength on the boundary with India,but only after India had announced its decision to raise additional mountain divisions that would strategically overlook Chinese positions if they wandered across the LoC. In turn, India decided to defer additional deployments.

It is sad, but the Chinese regime retains duplicity as an important weapon and our military planners have time and again been outflanked. China does not want global competition from India, but as the largest democracy and soon to be the biggest country population-wise, India has every right to counter the Chinese, who have stood in the way of India’s admission to the NSG and the UNSC as a permanent member. A hard line stance and positioning of forces at critical points on India’s part is now needed more than ever before. It took the Pentagon report to point out the offensive posture of the Chinese and its violations of the LoC for the matter to surface. Our government, for all its bravado, has been deafeningly silent about our neighbor’s transgressions.

China is wise enough to resolve border disputes with India not after amassing troops on the border and also it is high time India does not bury its head like an ostrich and hope bad things go away. And it is high time India gets into our old friendship with Russia because in crucial moments, US can never be trusted like last week it sided with china against India on nuclear matters.

But question also arises that can India trust this US report?? In fact, we have to remain careful about the real motives of US behind such reporting and at the same time have to do our ‘homework’ for our defense. Hopes seem to ride on shoulders of PM Modi, who is quite capable for dealing the situation and is an expert on Defense and Foreign Policy too. Yeah, let’s hope so. Even Nehru was considered wise prior to the escalation.

That being said, the US is probably the biggest beneficiary of any conflict/build up here. India here in disputes with China, is in deep slumber and needs to be proactive instead of reactive.

Note: The statements are of officials but the views expressed are of the author’s truly personal. 

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