China Denies Claims Of Blocking India’s Entry To Nuclear Suppliers Group

United States has supported India's entry to the Nuclear Suppliers Group, but China opposed it
United States has supported India’s entry to the Nuclear Suppliers Group, but China opposed it

China, instead of blocking, seems to be supporting India’s bid for a membership in the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group, as far as its foreign ministry is considered. Chinese Foreign Ministry refuted the claims that the country was blocking India’s bid to be member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, instead said that it will work with members of the 48 nation grouping and also with India and will help in finding out a solution for the same.

China’s Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Liu Zhenmin said that they need to talk on this issue among the various parties. Denying claims, he said that China is not at all involved in blocking India’s entry to the elite club. He said, “That is not true. I think, the membership of NSG is not a new issue. It has been an issue for many years. This should be sorted out together with the members of the NPT.” He also said, “Members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group should be party to NPT. So, I think China will also work with others including Indian colleagues together to find a solution.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang also joined his views and said NSG is an important part of the NPT, and this has been the consensus of the international community for long. He said, “All the multilateral non proliferation export control regime including the NSG has regarded NPT as an important standard for the expansion of the NSG.”

He further added, apart from India, lot of other countries expressed their willingness to join. Then it raised the question to the International Community – Shall the non-NPT members also become part of the NSG? The International Community believes that there should be a side discussion in the NSG on this issue and decision should be made in accordance with relevant rules. China’s position is not directed against any specific country but applies to all the non-NPT members.

Recently, China said that a lot of the members feel that it was very important to sign for the NPT for the expansion of the NSG.

Currently, India is not a part of the National Proliferation Treaty, an international pact aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, maintaining that it was discriminatory.

On the other hand, Pakistan told the United States that it holds all the credentials to become a member of the group.

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