Children’s Day : The Man and the Celebrated Day in His Name

It was someone’s birthday (14th November) once and now it has become a day worth remembering. However, this day is not just about sitting idly at home but reminisce the man who was one of the hands in building up the nation. Tall, tough and disciplined was his appearance; he was soft and affectionate by nature, yes I am talking about none other than our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. A delight to meet and talk to; the children were happy to be around him and this earned him the moniker ‘Chacha Nehru’.

Panditji’s struggle prior to attaining freedom had not affected his soft persona and this was very apparent in the ways he talked to small children. He admired them and openly asserted that the children were the future of the nation. Such admiration coming from someone being an admirable personality himself was genuinely rare. The coming generation does not have to make efforts in knowing about this man. The fundamentals would be laid by the school authorities corroborated by regular cultural functions that would be held every year in his name. Yet, there is more to this man and a lot more to this day.

The former Prime Minister’s office was said to have been inundated with congratulatory letters, not just by his beloved children but adults too on this day. The veneration continues even today where schools functions comprise skits or plays purely dedicated to him. The zest to re-enact the struggle and the one who was one of the prominent figures in the struggle is quite a recurring scene every year in these schools, however, the enthusiasm never dies. To witness a live performance on this man is always met with applause. Children are more than willing to be a part of this homage. After all, this is the day for the children, a day especially marked to understand the transformation of expectation from an adult to child and trust from a child to an adult.

There is no denying that the significance is attached to Nehru’s love for children but it is the trust factor that has to be highlighted in here. It needs to be understood that when a man of such high stature had reposed such trust without the children realizing it, there is indeed a meaning to it. The meaning needs to be twisted to be made conducive for the children. This trust is a guarantee that the rein would ultimately be handed over to the children who will mould the future of this country accordingly.

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