Change in exam pattern with anticipated change in teaching methods

Upcoming board exams in march will bring some changes in exam pattern. The directorate of government examinations has decided to introduce questions from outside the book. This decision came after realizing that most of the students used to mug up a book rather than to understand it. So this move of government would compel students to learn subjects in a logical way.

School departments and educationists have welcomed the move, however, they raised doubts regarding the teaching method. Today teachers used to teach students only for the exam purpose. So they said that until the teaching methodology would not change, students can’t get benefit from the change.

necessity of change in teaching methods
Change in teaching methods has become a necessity for change in education system. Image : TheBetterIndia

Regarding teaching methodology, the general secretary of State Platform for common schools, P B Prince Gajendra Babu, said, “The move will be beneficial only if the teaching methodology changes. The government has to ensure that teachers teach the concepts and make students understand them.”

School students do not have much thinking capacity to contemplate on science or maths subjects. So educationists suggested a proper training should be given to teachers so that they teach in such a way where students use their brain to think concepts behind the subject matter.

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“Most teachers in the state board syllabus are used to teach students on rote learning method. If we need to significant changes, they should be trained to teach in a logical way,” an economics teacher at a government higher secondary school in Madurai said.

Mostly students and parents do not prefer government school over CBSE or ICSE schools. So school authorities expressed their feelings and said these type of alteration should be implemented at regular intervals until state board exam reaches the CBSE or ICSE standard. By comparing the exam patterns of state board exams and CBSE exams, experts said that state exams should also eliminate choices among questions.

“The CBSE system does not choices in the question paper. Only when you remove choices, students will attempt to learn all the concepts and chapters of the subject,” said educational consultant J P Gandhi. “Also, the blueprint for the exam should reveal only the weightage for each section. In the present format, the school education department has prescribed weightage from each chapter. So students stick to selective learning of answers,” he added.

Normally when students get enrolled in class 12th, they face difficulties to study maths and science, as they were not habitual of learning and applying concepts. So this move will make easier for students to pursue their higher secondary education, also, government school education quality will get enhanced.

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