Centre for Excellence in disaster research to be set up in JNU

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) had been signed between Jawaharlal National University and National Institute of Disaster Management to establish a Centre For Excellence in Disaster Research and Resilience building at the University.

centre for excellence in disaster research at JNU
Centre of Excellence in Disaster Research and Resilience Building will be set up by the joint effort of NIDM and JNU

According to an official statement, the MoU was signed between Mr. Santhosh Kumar, Chief executive of NIDM and Mr S. K. Sopory, Vice-chancellor of JNU. This took place in the presence of Minister for State for Home Affairs Mr. Kiren Rijijiju. The minister spoke highly of the collaboration between JNU and NIDM as it would be beneficial for the students to carry out research activities in new areas and provide jobs in administration from district to higher levels. The joint alliance would produce new breed of disaster management professionals.

Financial aid of Rs. 4.14 crores would be provided by NIDM to JNU for a period of three years (2015-16 to 2017-18) to launch M.Phil and Ph.D in disaster management for the first time in India. Official statement further stated that the major objective behind the MoU is to start research, teaching, capacity and manpower development within a framework that would bring science to the communities in a way that would be made usable and understandable to the communities in ecosystem.

Building of community resilience through better preparedness, legal reforms, increased capacity for early detection and warning, absorption of local knowledge in administrative areas, remote sensing, GIS based mitigation efforts and environmental capacity enhancement were various activities which the MoU defines.

Focus on local communities and resource conservation at grassroot levels would be the collaborative nature of this program. Now, NIDM would take a step forward in becoming a deemed university with the help of this alliance. NIDM was formed in the year 1995. It is India’s premiere institute that trains and develops capacity development programmes for controlling natural disasters in India.

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