Central Panel bats for more BRT corridors, proposes Rs 20000 crore package

Although the Central government has scrapped the BRT, on the other hand, a central panel wants the government to set up more such corridors. They want around 6,000 buses to be procured so that the congestion caused because of the buses can be taken care of. A number of public transports worth Rs. 20,000 crore are needed to curb the traffic, it said.

The focus of the panel would be weaning Delhiites away from cars. They are planning to increase the number of buses and reducing the number of cars, with an increase in parking and congestion fees. With this plan, the panel is trying to figure out a way through which the traffic can be decongested.

Central Panel headed by Urban Development Ministry Secretary has proposed to invest Rs 20000 crore on improving public transport system in National Capital

The high-powered committee set up by Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has taken some of the measures which include the introduction of a congestion tax, parking price to be increased as a measure to give boost to walking, and means with the help of which the use of private vehicles will be reduced. The agency was set up in October, and now in their report, they said that an amount of Rs. 20,000 would be invested on improving the public transport.

A committee on ‘Decongestion of Traffic in Delhi’, headed by Urban Development Ministry Secretary Rajiv Gauba have said that the road space to be used in a better way and traffic should be managed as there is no use of constructing flyovers. The committee believes that if they want people to travel in buses, then the number of buses has to be increased. It proposed 2,000 buses to be deployed in this phase whereas 4,000 in the next phase. It has also been suggested that the bus stops should be within the walking distance and also the fares should be low so that more and more people travel. It said, “Free bus days should be introduced to encourage private car users to use public transport, even on non-working days, festivals and holidays.”

They want to make people aware of the benefits of cycling and want them to cycle at least for short distances. According to them, 35% of people of Delhi do own a cycle but only 4.5% use them. It said, “Inadequate cycling facilities are slowly pushing the population to depend on motorised private vehicles, causing loss of environment, health and life in far greater numbers than was the case two decades ago.”

A deadline has been set for different projects but they said that it would be all completed by 2021.

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