Census shows 14 lakh kids in Gujarat not attended school

14 lakh kids in gujarat not attended school

Very soon the HRD Ministry will launch national education policy which is undergoing significant changes after 29 years. But there is something still lacking in the education network of India due to which 4.40 crore children and youths in the age group of 6-18 years have never been to school which comes to 13.20% of the population in this age group. No doubt the government is every now and then doing the best on his part but the question arises – Are the reports submitted by Census wrong or due to corruption the career of the children is suffering.

kids in gujarat not attended school - figures
Source – Times of India

As per the latest data released by Census, 14.93 lakh children in the age group of 6-18 years from Gujarat have never attended school. The census figures about attending educational institute reveal that around 9.63% children and youth between 6-18 years have never attended the schools. Gujarat has 1.55 crore children and youths in this age group.

The turning point in the mystery is that as per the data, out of 14.93 lakh children and youths in this age group in the state who have not attended schools, 53% are females. Nationally, female percentage in the age group is 52%.

Not only this same is the case with Odisha wherein around 89.79 lakh people are currently going to educational institutions at different levels out of 4.19 crore (read here). Now out of the remaining people, 1.89 crore have attended educational institutions before whereas the left over i.e. .40 crore have never attended any educational institution.

State Education Department of Gujarat claims 100% enrollment as a part of Shala Pravesh Utsav which is being organized every year since a decade in the state. On the other hand the officials are of the view that out of 14.93 lakh who have never attended school there were 8.82 lakh students who were in the age group of 6-10 years. Other sources are of the opinion that the number is large. This clearly reflects that Gujarat’s much talked girl child enrollment drive, nick-named as Kanya Kelavani, which began in 2004 is not 100% successful.¬†Since last 11 years the government has been claiming that all children of six years of age are enrolled into schools which are all false.

Even Gaurang Jani, professor in school of sociology at Gujarat University has termed the claims of 100% enrollment false. As per the Right to Education 2009 the migrated, tribal and adivasi students who migrate to other parts of the state for livelihood with their families have the right to education. Further Jani added, “While the panchayat or the principal certifies that 100% students are enrolled, the officer who visits the village doesn’t verify this. Several Thakore and Dalit children are not enrolled and the principal certifies them as enrolled.”

Children instead of going to school keep on moving from one place to another with their parents to help them earn their living. There are kids who have chance to enroll themselves into a school and fulfill their dream of getting educated.

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