CBSE to publish revised JEE Main Rank List on 8 July

With the complete collapse of coordination between CBSE and the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) for admissions to IITs, NITs and IIITs, the careers of thousands of students is in a state of total topsy-turvy. In a report which was totally out of the blue, JOSSA website said that on July 4, the CBSE had published a revised JEE (Main) rank list after considering students’ re-evaluated marks and declared that all students must fill their forms for counseling by July 5.

cbse to revise jee main rank listHowever, no such rankings have yet been published by CBSE and it has declared in a statement that it would release the revised list on July 8. The complication arises due to the fact that JOSSA’s final admission schedules for 2015 clearly states that by July 7 the first round of allocation of seats will be over; and between July 8 and 12, the first round of acceptance of seats by students would also reach its conclusion.

CBSE has finally decided to publish the revised list of All India JEE (Main) ranks on July 8 to allay the anxieties of several thousands of students who were excluded from the counseling process for admission to IITs and NIITs due to the tardiness of a few States to provide class XII scores to it.

On June 30, the All India ranking list was declared but some states like Telangana had failed to provide the scores by then, thereby putting at stake the academic careers of the student of these states. CBSE has said that despite several reminders, ”defaulting” State Boards which includes Telangana updated the information as late as July 3, and thereby creating all the chaos at this time of joint counseling for the admission process. The media reports were dismissed which claimed that there was no delay in the declaration of ranking list.

Thus JEE Main 2015 Rank List is very likely to undergo change due to the admission by CBSE for having announced the July 1 Rank List without first considering the re-evaluated marks of class 12 results from many state boards.

If the Rank is revised, what may happen then?

The discrepancy with the JEE Main Result has led to chaos and as a result of this JEE Main 2015 Candidates remain in a state of perpetual uncertainty about their actual rank and possible admission opportunities.

The 60:40 weightage on which the JEE Main Rank List is based, with 60 given to JEE Main Score and 40 given to Normal Class 12 results, the inclusion of hundreds of candidates into the new list is likely to affect the ranking of all students from Telangana State board and thereby the ranking of all JEE Main candidates.

Furthermore there is also the chance of announcement of fraction marks in the revised rank list, which is not going to impinge upon the original rank of candidates.

On the other hand, candidates hoping to get a seat based on their present ranking may very well get their hopes smashed up as the possibility of their ranks being pushed back in the revised list remains.

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